October 12

Good morning Dawes Diamondbacks!


Today is a Y day


Happy Birthday Ms. Hicks, Mariah Townsend, Ryan Dickinson, Ella Cowan, James Sumler, Ashley Urias Gomez, Joe Schluckebier, and Grant Broeker


Congrats we have made it to the end of the quarter! Please join Student Council today from 3-5 as we dance dance dance like we have ants in our pants 🙂 Tickets will be sold through lunches today and if you need a ticket after school you will need to buy them in the cafeteria.

ALL armbands will be delivered to the 7th period teacher you wrote down when you bought your ticket and will need to be worn the entire time. If you DO NOT have an armband on you will not be allowed into the dance.
Teachers please verify these students are in your class and if not let MsB know. Return any armbands of absent students to MsB
Lastly, teachers of student council members—if they are caught up on all work/projects please send them to the gym 7th period to set up
Thank you ALL and we look forward to fallin Into Autumn with you


Attention students: you are not allowed to attend the school dance unless all of your tardy detentions have been served!


Lunch for today is:

French Toast Sticks with Sausage Links

Breaded Chicken Sandwich

Beef & Cheese Enchilada

Chef Salad


French Toast Sticks with Cheese Sticks

Meatless Chef Salad


Green Beans

Romaine Lettuce Salad


Mixed Fruit

Assorted Fruit