7 & 8 Intramural Sports

For game schedule information please click here

Practice times are as follows

Cross Country Mon, Wed-Fri 3:05pm-5:00pm

Soccer Mon, Wed-Fri 3:05pm-5:00pm

Volleyball MWF 3:05pm-5:00pm

Wrestling MWF 3:05pm-4:30pm

Girls Basketball MWF 3:05pm-5:00pm (starting after October break)

Equipment and Apparel

All students will be provided a jersey that is to be returned weekly to Dawes. Your athlete is responsible for appropriate shorts/pants/shoes/pads for competition (individual coaches will discuss this more with your athlete). If you need help securing any of these items please let me know as we might have some resources. 


Any grade below a “C” will require the student athlete to attend Study Hall *

If a student is missing an assignment, they will be required to go to study hall until this is completed

In the event a student has a “C” in a class and has all assignments handed in, they will need to have the classroom teacher communicate with Coach Bolkovac in order for them to practice.


Students are representing Dawes Middle School when you are in and out of uniform therefor behavior at school will be monitored. Buddy rooms, calming seat, multiple redirects, suspensions, bullying, disrespect etc. WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

Staff will be updating Athletic Director daily. Any violation of these items listed above will have natural consequences at the discretion of the Athletic Director

Athletes are REQUIRED to be at all practices—any absences need to be communicated with the ATHLETIC DIRECTOR at bhodges@lps.org or 4027300128

Dates of competition are as follows-Check with individual coaches on arrival time/teams

Volleyball Games will start at 8:30am for “A” 9:30am for “B” and 10:30am for “C”

September 8, 15, 22, 29 LPS Tourney Oct. 6

Locations: Northeast High School, Lux, Dawes, Lefler

Coaches: 7th Grade-Burk, Harrington, Johnson, Dack

                8th Grade- Harrington, Barent, Campbell

Soccer Games will start at 8:00am

September 8, 15, 22, 29 Location: Roper Elementary School

Coaches: Bukowski, Meter, Rizza

Cross Country meet GIRLS will start at 9:00am and BOYS 9:30am

September 8, 15 Location: Roper Park

September 22, 28(Friday)  Location: Pioneers Park

Coaches: Adler, Goben



If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at bhodges@lps.org or  4027300128