Dawes Middle School
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Welcome to 2022–23 Diamondback Athletics

Are YOU interested in participating in Intramural Athletics?

Students, please use this form to share what activities you would be interested in being a part of. You have to fill this form prior to attending any tryouts/conditioning. 

Parent Consent Form

All parents must complete this form to participate in any LPS athletics. Athletes will not be allowed to practice or participate in competitions until this form is completed by a parent or guardian.


Schedules for middle school athletics are posted on the district athletics site.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact either Caleb Tatum (ctatum2@lps.org) or Logan Glenn (lglenn@lps.org)

Student-athletes competing

Expectations and Conduct

Students will be expected to follow these expectations, just like in the classroom:

  • Be respectful and display good sportsmanship to all teammates, coaches, opponents, and schools
  • Athletes actively practice to focus and learn/improve skills; NO HORSEPLAY.
  • Be on time and stay for the duration of practice
  • Respect all equipment for the school and for personal safety

Punctuality and Attendance

Please notify the ATHLETIC DIRECTOR by note, phone, or email if your child needs to miss practice or a competition. The Athletic Director will communicate to coaches. We acknowledge athletes need to attend other club events and have academic responsibilities, appointments, etc. Unexcused absences may result in loss of playing time. Communication of the absence will excuse any absence.

Effort / Attitude / Participation

Effort, attitude, and participation apply to the court as well as the classroom. At Dawes, we want our student-athletes to take classroom work seriously, too. There will be TWO designated days each week where any student athlete who has failing or incomplete grades will attend homework zone/study hall.

Students will be notified verbally and email when they need to attend and parents will be notified as well. This will be tracked by attendance so if for ANY reason you are unable to attend you must bring a note to be excused. If a student has more than 2 F’s in classes AND does not attend homework zone, the student will not participate in the game/meet that Saturday. If they attend the club and the grades are still failing they will be able to play but will still need to work on the grade(s) up. **In high school you are not allowed to play with 2 or more failing grades AND must attend all HW club days.

Practice Policy

Per LPS policy, parents are not allowed at practices. We ask that you please wait outside for your athlete to finish practice. If you’d like to set up a time to speak with a coach, please email the Athletic Director and they will coordinate a time to meet with a parent. Also, if you are unhappy with something which took place during a game/meet, please do not approach the a coach (unless to share positive information). Instead, reach out to the Athletic Director and these concerns will be addressed. Everyone wants our athletes and teams to perform at their best. Teacher emails are listed on the Dawes Website and the intramural site. Thank you for your understanding.


Coaches and staff will be following the Dawes Middle School-wide expectations of “Be Safe – Be Respectful – Be Responsible”. We use a three strikes, or incidents, policy with our athletics. The following communication will take place with athletes for incidents and discipline concerns:

Strike 1) Athletic Director will privately meet with the athlete and parents will be notified.

Strike 2) The Athletic Director will meet with the athlete and coach. Athletic Director will inform parents/guardian that any more incidents and they will be asked to leave the team.

Strike 3) Student will be asked to leave the team. The Athletic Director will notify the parent/guardian. Serious infractions involving fighting, vandalism, and harassment will not be tolerated and may result in immediate dismissal from the team.

If you have questions, please email the either Caleb Tatum (ctatum2@lps.org) or Logan Glenn (lglenn@lps.org).

Bus Policy

There is a late bus available after practice for students who live outside of the “Dawes School Zone”. Conduct on the bus is an extension of conduct at practice. Any behavior reported to us by the drivers will also count as a strike toward our behavior policy and possibly dismissal from using the bus.

Spectator Expectations

Spectators and athletes please remember to follow the following rules, this is a school function and the expectations of being safe, responsible, and respectful still apply. Also, please remember:

  • Exhibit only positive verbal and non-verbal gestures toward the activity participants and other spectators.
  • Refrain from using inappropriate language
  • Maintain a proper perspective of losing and winning
  • Model appropriate behavior toward game officials
  • ONLY the participants and the coaches are allowed on the gym floor. Spectators must remain seated in the designated area for the full competition.


This includes the end of the game, win or lose.

NO students are allowed to attend sports events at middle school sites. The only exception is if your sibling is playing AND your parents are present. YOU WILL BE TOLD TO LEAVE ALL MIDDLE SCHOOL SITES if you attend and should not be there.